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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a green healthy lawn free of weeds? Yes! Wouldn’t if be nice if weeds just stopped growing in the wintertime. Well… Unfortunately, weeds don’t stop just growing in the wintertime which is why it is so important to have year-round maintenance. Weeds and lawn disease can set in at anytime and it is super important to catch it just as soon as it is setting in.

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Licensed & Insured

We are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, and The Lawn Company as implemented a 8 Step process to take care of your lawn to keep it healthy all year lawn. A lot, of company will guarantee a super green lawn, while we could do this to we don’t. Our competitors will pump your lawn full of nitrogen to encourage that very green tint all while neglecting all the other nutrients your lawn so desperately needs. We give your lawn exactly what it needs to have the strength and protection it needs to survive and be super gorgeous all at the same time! 

We Get It

We know and get it! You want a super thick and healthy lawn that all your neighbors will envy! We can help! It takes a lot of time and energy, money spent on the proper equipment and other lawn care products. Let the professionals of at The Lawn Company take all the hassle out of it and watch your weeds disappear and your lawn become green again! Use our instant quote feature to sign up and take the next step to a healthier lawn!


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